Barcelona | Top 5 Sites to See

We were in Barcelona for quite a short stay, but here would be my top 5 sites to visit – all of which you’ll be able to see in a couple days!

Casa Batllo 


Casa Batllo is arguably one of Gaudi’s most famous pieces of architecture in Barcelona. This beautiful house was designed to mirror a calm sea, and the inside contains refined architectural details by the Catalan master.

Entry into the building costs around 28.5 euros, so buying your ticket online might be more worth it as you can skip the queue and save yourself 4 euros.

Unfortunately, due to the huge queue, we did not end up entering the building. However, this house can be found en route to another destination in Barcelona.


La Boqueria 

La Boqueria is a fresh food market on the edge of Barcelona’s gothic quarter. It was so amazing we came here 3-4 times to grab something to eat. Here you will be able to find just about anything – from fresh seafood, meats, cheese, fresh fruit, sweets and food stalls serving anything from seafood platters to tapas.

la boqueira


If you’re a fan of seafood, I’d definitely recommend getting a seafood platter from Ramblero de La Boqueria. They have options for 2 or 3 people and the portions are very generous. The quality is top notch considering it was a food market stall and the service was very quick and efficient. It had a great selection of crab, mussels, prawns, mussels, potatoes and squid!

Sagrada Familia 


The Sagrada Familia is another impressive piece by Antoni Gaudi. He spent over 40 years designing the temple, and yet it is still an unfinished piece, due to the fact that it is funded by private donations in order to be built.

I would recommend going to the other side of the lake nearby to take some pictures of the entire building as it is quite hard to capture the entire building due to its phenomenal size!

Park Guell 

Situated on the hills towards the north of the city sits Park Guell – another one of Gaudi’s famous works! Initially planned to be an estate with over 60 houses for the wealthy, the area has now turned into a large park with a few different zones and installations showcasing Gaudi’s unique architecture.


Park Guell has timed entrances, helping to keep the park more pleasant for everyone to visit due to its overwhelming popularity. So I would recommend buying a ticket prior online or lining up earlier in the day. We went at around 3pm and had to wait approximately 20 minutes in line for a ticket, and another 40 minutes to be let into the key attractions. You can visit parts of the park without a ticket, but the monumental zone (the good stuff), requires one.


Gothic Quarter

The gothic quarter is the heart of the old city in Barcelona. This neighbourhood features a fusion of buildings dating from Roman times to the 20th Century. It has narrow streets, the absence of traffic (making it great for strolling!) and an antique aspect to all its buildings.

Some top things to do:

  1. Wander around the Placa Jaume

placa jaume.jpg

2. Visit the Picasso museum – entry is free for students with a valid ID!

picasso museum.jpg

3. Go and see the Gothic Cathedral
4. Experience the nightlife at the several bars (Sor Rita Bar) and cocktail lounges (Marula Cafe)




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  1. Wow! The architecture in Barcelona is just stunning! The food looks so good, I want to reach into the screen and take a banana or lobster myself! I may start a blog about my inter-state travels. Good travels and I hope you have fun at your next destination!

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